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Pictures, video and artwork courtesy of Shiv Kapila, Antony Tira, Dr. Munir Z. Virani, Simon Thomsett, Dr. John J. Cox, Dr. Ralph Buij, Britt Klaassen and Stratton Hatfield © 2018

Title: Monitoring and analysis of raptor movement using GPS and accelerometers

Dates: 8-12 July 2019

Venue: Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands

Participation by invitation only


Description: The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with skills to explore, visualize and analyze data on animal movement and behaviour. Special emphasis will be placed on raptors with large tracking data sets, The content of the workshop is relevant for participants studying movement of raptors in a broad range of environments. There is an emphasis on raptors in tropical savannas in the existing set of tracking data. Participants will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of different analysis approaches. The workshop will combine several lectures, predominantly hands-on computer work and presentations given by participants. During the workshop most of the work will be done using R, and participants will learn some advanced programming. The target group of this workshop is scientists at the PhD level that have already experience with analysing movement and behavioural data. 


Lecturers: Dr. Henjo de Knegt and Jasper Eikelboom, MSc (Wageningen University & Research)

Course coordinators: Dr. Ralph Buij and Dr. Frank van Langevelde (Wageningen University & Research)


Tentative programme


Monday, July 8

9:00h Opening and brief introduction

10:00h Introduction to dataset

13:00h Ecology and flight behaviour of raptors

15:00h Introduction to R


Tuesday, July 9

9:00h Fundamentals of GPS tracking and other bio-logging sensors applied to the study of animal movements

11:00h Working with GPS loggers

13:00h Analysis of movement tracks

15:00h Working with accelerometers


Wednesday, July 10

9:00h Analysis of accelerometer data

13:00h Visualizing GPS data (trajectories, summary plots) and exploring GPS performance characteristics


Thursday, July 11

9:00h Hunting strategies in raptors

10:00h Analysis of data to distinguish hunting strategies and kill sites

13:00h Continue analysis: application of hidden Markov chains


Friday, July 12

9:00h Home range analysis and utilization distributions

10:00h Analysis of data to delineate home ranges and utilization

13:00h Taking it one step further: from animal space use descriptions to ecological and behavioural inferences

15:00h Participant presentations and discussion